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Traveling to Viking Scandinavia With The History Fangirl

In today’s episode, my good friend Stephanie Craig, host of The History Fangirl Podcast and full-time world traveler, shares some priceless traveling advice for anyone planning a trip to the Vikings’ ancestral homeland of Scandinavia! Traveling to Europe (especially Scandinavia) can be very expensive, but in today’s episode, Stephanie gives practical advice on ways to cut costs and save money when traveling! I’ve recently just booked my own vacation to the Viking city of  York U.K. so I especially enjoyed the countless tips and conversation had in today’s episode! Below are some links to Stephanie’s 2 travel podcasts, an episode she did with fellow Viking podcaster Lee Accomando, and the interview that I did on her show!

The History Fangirl Podcast:

Stephanie’s second travel podcast, Rick Steve’s Over Brunch:

Iceland’s Thingvellir interview with Lee Accomando:

My Interview on The History Fangirl Podcast:

The History of Vikings on YouTube:

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