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Old Norse, Snorri Sturluson & The Realm of Jǫtunheimr With Dr. Jackson Crawford

Today I’m joined by Dr. Jackson Crawford. He’s an Old Norse specialist and translator teaching at the University of Colorado Boulder. In our almost hour-long discussion, we cover a plethora of topics, starting with an introduction to Old Norse, and then exploring the Poetic & Prose Edda’s, and what the differences between those two primary sources are. We also discuss the many different aspects of Norse Mythology, including the chief attributes among the gods, as well as the characterization of giants ( jötnar) in Norse Myth. You can find more of Dr. Crawford’s work via the links below. 

Dr. Jackson Crawford’s YouTube channel

Translation of The Poetic Edda

Translation of The Saga of The Volsungs

The History of Vikings on YouTube

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