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Reviving The Viking Spirit With Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen


In today’s show, I’m joined by Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen! He’s a bestselling Norwegian novelist, yachtsman, historic archer, and modern-day Viking! In our discussion, we talk all about what it means to ”Revive The Viking Spirit” and how it is very possible to embrace a Viking lifestyle in modern times. Bjørn also runs a wonderful Youtube…


Norse Mythology – The Words of Odin in Disguise


In today’s episode, we look at the Grimnismal, which is the story of how Odin and his wife, Frigg play a game to see who can screw up their kids the most, and why Odin is called the god of wisdom. Today’s episode will be guest hosted by my good friends Luke de Wolf and…


About my podcast

The Vikings were a truly legendary people. For nearly 300 years they ruled the waves of the Northern Seas and raided peaceful monasteries and towns along the coasts of England, Ireland, Scotland and France. As raiders the Vikings had an infamous and beastly reputation. Pillaging, burning, and killing whatever lay in their path.